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Tom Brady confirms crypto investments but won’t say if it’s Bitcoin, Dogecoin or Ethereum


Superstar NFL quarterback Tom Brady said he has invested in cryptocurrencies and regularly talks about it with coaches and other players, though he would not confirm which coins he had bought.

Speaking overnight at the Coindesk Consensus 2021 online cryptocurrency conference, the owner of seven Super Bowl winner’s rings with the New England Patriots and now the Tampa Bay Buccaneers said he is “such a big believer in crypto, and where things are heading in the world”.

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Although he recently had a pair of ‘Bitcoin laser eyes’ photoshopped onto his social media profile avatar, the golden-armed American footballer was asked in the pre-recorded vide whether he had invested in crypto. Brady responded, “I definitely have.”

He added: “In our quarterback room, one of my coaches has been on it for eight, nine months. So we talk about it basically every day, the prices of the different tokens, how the space is doing.”

Brady also confirmed his status as a ‘hodler’, saying he aimed to be a cryptocurrency investor for a “long time” even though huge losses seen in recent weeks, saying investing in digital currency was “a marathon” rather than a sprint.

“In this particular space of crypto I am still learning so much, it is definitely something I am going to be in for a long time, it is definitely a marathon,” he said.

The price of Bitcoin is currently below $37,000, down more than 40% from its all-time high above $64,000 in the middle of last month.

Having recently photoshopped himself a pair of ‘Bitcoin laser eyes’ on his social media profile avatar, he said: “I have been following that community for a while on Twitter, someone had called me out to change my profile picture and use the laser eyes, in my understanding it was really a vote of confidence to really get into the conversation as I am such a big believer in crypto and where things are headed in the world. I’m listening to everybody and I am excited to continue to learn,” Brady said.

With the discussion moving on to whether NFL teams would start to pay their players in crypto, as some players have demanded, Brady said: “At the end of the day, technically that can’t happen, they can’t pay their athletes [in bitcoin], what they pay is in dollars”.

“But I mean, how you invest your money? Absolutely. So I definitely think there’ll be more solutions as this is more widely adopted in all areas of our lives.”

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