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Tesla recalls thousands of older cars due to touchscreen issues


Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) has been forced to recall almost 135,000 of its Model S and Model X cars due to issues with their display screen, .

US road traffic regulator, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, said the Silicon Valley-based car manufacturer has now filed for a recall of 134,951 vehicles.

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Tesla was reported to have agreed to recall the cars because of failures with its famously large touchscreens.

Last month, the NHTSA asked Tesla to recall the Model S sedans and Model X SUVs over a touchscreen issue, as it could increase the risk of crashes.

The touchscreens for cars made between 2012 and 2018 were said to be not working because an issue with the embedded eMMC memory chips wearing out, the NHTSA said after investigating since last June.

Tesla, which tried to fix the issue with software updates but as this did not address the NHTSA’s concerns, it was given until last week to respond.

Founder Elon Musk has boasted in the past about sourcing the touchscreens from computer suppliers rather than automotive specialists as there was not a specialist supplier that made them as big as he wanted.

However, while screens weren’t designed to withstand vibrations and temperature changes that take place in a car, Tesla said its testing showed the screens performed fine.

One Wall Street analyst quoted by the Wall Street Journal estimated the recall could cost Tesla US$300mln-$500mln.

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