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[email protected] Capital offers fintech platform that allows companies to monetise their stock


What it does

[email protected] Capital PLC (LON:SYME) is a fintech firm which runs a platform that allows companies to monetise the stock to special purpose vehicles established by [email protected] allowing, at the same time, companies to keep on consignment the latter stock which can then be sold off to end customers.

The group’s innovative finntech platform puts together funders, through a securitisation scheme. Behind the service, several exponential technologies are managed with the aim of making [email protected] the best fintech inventory data monitoring system.

[email protected] has already clinched more than 900mln euros worth of contracts with companies and signed agreements with cross-border financial partners.


How is it doing

In March, the company confirmed details about its acquisition of a leading fintech-powered commodities trade enabler, focused on SMEs.

Heads of terms have been signed with Singapore-based TradeFlow Capital Management Pte Ltd, the company said, adding that the acquisition will give its platform the ability to offer commodities “in-transit” and is expected to generate a number of attractive synergy benefits for the company in terms of funding and customer origination.

Earlier in the year in January, the company said that by the end of the first quarter of 2021 it should have completed its first Open-Funding securitisation transaction.

The company said it also expects to deliver on Captive-Funding and Self-Funding initiatives in the first quarter of 2021.

[email protected] has also completed an authorisation process for its Shariah-compliant Inventory Monetisation Platform, which it said adds yet another funding route to its existing securitisation model and Captive Bank. It is now also able to market this dedicated Shariah-compliant investment product, supported by its Fund Specialist.


What the boss says: Alessandro Zamboni, chief executive

In a statement regarding the Shariah-compliant Inventory Monetisation Platform, Zamboni commented: “I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to deliver our unique inventory monetisation investment product into the growing Islamic finance sector. Indeed, the Bank of England has recently commented that certain key aspects of Islamic finance make it particularly well suited for funding the post-Covid recovery.

“This resonates strongly with [email protected]’s own mission to help and support business owners to create liquidity from their stock, thereby optimising inventory days, especially during this crucial phase of the economic cycle”.


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