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SkinBioTherapeutics continues working on its partnerships


I can see everybody having a place for [SkinBiotix-based products] in their daily regime in one shape or another. Why would you not use something that is clinically proven to make you either look or feel better?

Stuart Ashman, chief executive


What it does

The clue is in the name: SkinBioTherapeutics PLC (LON:SBTX) is a Manchester-based life sciences company focused on skin health.

It was spun out from OptiBiotix Health PLC (LON:OPTI) a couple of years ago, and Opti remains the majority shareholder.

SkinBio’s SkinBiotix platform uses lysates (extracts) of probiotic bacteria – the ‘good’ bacteria – and has been shown to improve the barrier effect of skin models, improve repair and reduce bacterial load.

Think of SkinBiotix as the skincare equivalent of Intel or GoreTex: eventually, SkinBio wants to license out the technology so it becomes a key ingredient in products such as skin cream, or tablets or food supplements.

The AIM-listed company is exploring five avenues of development: medical biotics; pharmabiotics; access biotics; cosmetics; and cleanbiotics.


How it is doing

In February, the firm’s subsidiary AxisBiotix expanded its food supplement study by 50 participants to 250 following a “high level of demand”.

Chief executive Stuart Ashman said he was “overwhelmed” by the “extraordinary number of applicants” in a very short period of time, the majority of which were psoriasis sufferers.

Enrolment began on January 14 for the self-managed assessment, which will be monitored through a mobile app that involves answering questions evaluating symptom progression.

The company, with the help of partner Winclove Probiotics, has developed a food supplement that is a blend of bacterial strains designed to balance the gut microbiome.

The firm is sitting on a healthy cash pile after raising £4.45mln, which will be used to expand its product pipeline from skin into haircare, oral and acne, in October.


What the boss says: Stuart Ashman, chief executive

“The high demand for places on the study underlines just how prevalent skin conditions such as psoriasis are, and how keen sufferers are to try something new and natural to alleviate their symptoms. If we can, we want to help as many people as possible.”



Inflexion points 

  • More commercial deals for Skinbiotix
  • Revenue momentum builds up
  • Food supplement study continues



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