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Quadrise Fuels International testing confirms bioMSAR as a viable diesel engine fuel

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Quadrise Fuels International PLC (LON:QFI) has updated on its ongoing work, testing its bioMSAR at Aquafuel Research’s UK facility.

The company noted that initial testing has confirmed bioMSAR as a viable diesel engine fuel.

Additionally, the company said it has shown bioMSAR achieved higher efficiency and 20-25% lower NOx compared to baseline testing on diesel at the prevailing test conditions on a high-speed engine.

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The findings indicate further optimisation should be possible, the company added.

“We are pleased to have achieved such positive results for bioMSAR in terms of efficiency and emissions, especially as the test engine is designed for diesel as opposed to residue-based fuels,” said Mark Whittle, Quadrise chief operating officer in a statement.

“These results give us a solid foundation for the future testing that is planned for medium (4-stroke) and low speed (2-stroke) engines, which are more typically used by our clients.”

Aquafuel chief executive Paul Day added: “This initial testing demonstrates bioMSA is a viable candidate for fossil fuel replacement in larger engines and results indicate a significant NOx reduction, of the order of 20-25%, and no loss of efficiency compared to diesel.”

The statement also noted that, in tests, particulates were comparable for both fuels, and the pre-atomisation of the hydrocarbon in bioMSAR appears to be enabling good carbon burn out and the avoidance of black soot even though the test engine is designed for diesel and light fuels as opposed to residue-based fuels.

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