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MGC Pharmaceutical to start new In-vitro cannabinoid study on glioblastoma brain cancer treatment us


MGC Pharmaceuticals Ltd’s (ASX:MXC) (LON:MXC) (OTCMKTS:MGCLF) ongoing pre-clinical research program into the use of cannabinoids in the treatment of aggressive glioblastoma brain cancer has been expanded to explore the use of nanotechnology in relation to the most effective treatment delivery systems.

The delivery system is similar to the nanoparticle delivery system being used successfully in MGC Pharma’s ArtemiC clinical trial into the treatment of COVID-19. 

In-vitro results to date show that MGC Pharma formulated cannabigerol (CBG) can eliminate therapy-resistant glioblastoma stem cells.

Further, the preliminary results of MGC Pharma’s proprietary cannabinoid treatment of glioblastoma have recently completed an independent peer review and been published in the MDPI (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute) Medical Journal.

Significant step

MGC Pharma co-founder and managing Director Roby Zomer said: “The publication of our research in such a prestigious medical journal such as MDPI is a great achievement and validates our findings of using cannabinoids on GBM.

“Prior to its publication, all research is required to undergo a peer review process, where other medical researchers scrutinise the research procedures and subsequent findings.

“Importantly, we are now moving forward with our next stage research, which will now incorporate a new and innovative drug delivery systems.

“This is a very significant step for our research program and IP, as we look to transform and advance the way brain tumours are treated.”

Shares higher

Shares are almost 7.7 per cent higher to A$0.07, a new high of more than two years while the company’s market cap is approximately $144.9 million.

Since February 1, shares have risen from A$0.026 on the back of improving cannabis market fundamentals and the company becoming the first cannabis-sector company to float on London’s main market.

Expanded study

This important GBM research program is being conducted in collaboration with MGC Pharma, the National Institute of Biology (NIB) and the Neurosurgery Department at the University Medical Centre in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

It is focused on testing cannabinoid formulations on fresh glioblastoma tumour tissues, obtained from patients after surgical removal of the tumour, to determine the optimal cannabinoid preparation for effective treatment of the remaining cancer.

The program tests cannabinoids alone and in combination with chemotherapeutic temozolomide.

The objective of the pre-clinical in-vitro research is to develop novel formulations to define the clinical protocols for clinical trials for the treatment of high-grade brain tumours with cannabinoids.

This study has been expanded to include testing the effect of cannabidiol (CBD) and CBG on tumour cells when delivered via a nanoparticle delivery system.

Successful results of this testing would potentially lead to a significant breakthrough in the treatment of brain cancer through oral administration rather than invasive treatments.

Nanoparticles are believed to improve the bioavailability and the blood to brain barrier issues, which are being optimised using SNEDD (Self Nano-Emulsifying Drug Delivery).

GBM is the most aggressive and, to date, therapeutically resistant primary brain tumour.

Next steps

MGC Pharma and NIB will now begin testing of its CBD and CBG in nano emulsifying formulations on human tissue in-vitro.

A general aim of the research project is to reveal the effect of purified natural substances – cannabinoids CBD and CBG in nano-emulsion and their combinations for the treatment of high-grade brain tumours (glioblastoma) in-vitro with the goal of in-vivo translation to clinics.

The in-vitro preclinical study will specifically be focused on defining the most efficient cannabinoid nano-emulsion preparations of CBD and CBG that are likely to benefit to each individual patient that differ in glioblastoma sub-types and most relevant cannabinoid receptors.

Additional patients with grade IV glioblastomas will be recruited to the study and further divided into subgroups based on their tumour genotype and characteristics.

These will be carefully analysed to enable a personalised therapeutic approach.

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