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Kavango Resources sees huge upside at KSZ in Botswana

  • Kavango Resources is a copper explorer focused on Botswana

  • Main projects are Kalahari Suture Zone, Ditau Project, Kavango, and in the Botswana copper belt

  • Drilling at KSZ underway


What it owns

Kalahari Suture Zone (KSZ)  and the Ditau Project cover 12 Prospecting Licences (6,928sq km) in the southwest of Botswana.

The targets are nickel-copper-PGE deposits associated with a 450km long structural feature.

The Kavango prospect is a potential extension of the prolific DRC-Zambia copperbelt

In September, Kavango Resources PLC (LON:KAV) signed a memorandum of understanding with LVR GeoExplorers to farm into two prospecting licences in the Botswana section of the Kalahari copper belt. That deal was formalised into a full joint venture in February 2020.

Under the terms of the farm-in deal, Kavango will have the right to earn up to a 90% interest in both or either of the licences.

One of the licences is close to MOD Resources’ T3 development, while the other is near the Namibian border.

How it’s doing

Drilling on KSZ at the end of 2019 provided the company with significant insights into the complex geology of the area, and renewed certainty that the area hosts one ore more massive sulphide deposits. 

Kavango said that in this type of deposit, the gabbro sills and dykes represent conduits along which large volumes of magma passed on their way to the surface.

“What is important is the amount of magma that passed through the conduit – leaving metal-rich, immiscible sulphide liquid behind to solidify into an orebody,” the company said in a statement.

A recent report from consultants Mineral Systems was highly encouraging about the project’s potential.

Late in April, the company said that thus far coronavirus disruption to the projects had been minimal.

What the boss says: 

“We are highly encouraged by the discovery of disseminated metal sulphides in gabbro sills and the incorporation of coal seams into the melt.

“This lends significant support to Kavango’s belief that the post-Karoo magma chambers emplaced along the KSZ developed sulphur-rich magma that allowed for the crystallization of large volumes of metal sulphides (copper/nickel/platinum).”.

Inflection points

  • Results from drilling at KSZ
  • Completion of acquisition of Kalahari licences
  • More exploration at Ditau to understand better the geology
  • Botswana properties offer attractive short-term newsflow potential
  • Looking for a partner at Ditau to help with cost of exploration

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