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Feedback at the forefront of the future of medical communications

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We believe that Bleepa will accelerate the process of requesting a specialist opinion from colleagues, ultimately resulting in better care for patients, faster

Tom Oakley, chief executive

What Feedback does

Feedback PLC (LON:FDBK), through its trading subsidiary Feedback Medical Limited, is a company specialising in medical imaging technology, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans and X-Rays.

The company’s products, TexRAD and CADRAN help radiologists, clinicians, and medical researchers improve their workflows as well as providing insights into diseases such as cancer.

Of late, the group has been focusing on its clinical messaging app, which is called Bleepa.

Feedback’s products


CADRAN is a system that helps users store, manage, and view medical images. It helps doctors access images for diagnosis, treatment planning, and response measurement as well as facilitating knowledge sharing between multi-disciplinary teams.

The CADRAN range consists of four products;

• CADRAN PACS – The Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) provides mid-scale departments with a network server, image viewer, and web interface to access images

• Mini PACS – A small-scale system for image storage and management using dedicated servers and workstations. Designed for smaller imaging clinics and remote workers

• Viewer+ – Displays medical images from imaging equipment using a standard desktop PC or laptop with measurement and analysis tools. Designed for convenience use and individuals

• CADRAN Web – allows remote access to images through a web-accessible image library. Can be viewed on desktop PC or laptop


TexRAD is a patented software tool that helps identify biomarkers (naturally occurring characteristics in diseases or other biological manifestations) in medical images that are often invisible to the naked eye.

The technology has a particular significance in oncology, the medical field concerned with the treatment of cancer.

The technology’s first clinical application is TexRAD Lung, which can help reveal information on lung tumours, whereas the other application, TexRAD Research, is used to complement existing infrastructure to help analyse medical image scans.


Bleepa is an encrypted medical messaging app that can be used on smartphones, tablets and desktops, allowing clinicians to communicate with other team members securely.

The app enables faster clinical decision making between team members, which will improve patient care.


How it is doing

In February, Feedback revealed it is seeing an improvement in the pace of negotiations with the National Health Service (NHS) over the use of its Bleepa product.

While the pandemic had slowed the progression of its flagship Bleepa product within the NHS, things are starting to pick up again.

As of November 30, there were 359 Bleepa users across 10 specialities at Royal Oldham Hospital, representing an increase of 274 users since the completion of the pilot scheme.

In fact, in March the firm landed a one-year deal worth £84,000 with the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust for Bleepa.

Feedback said the Trust, which runs the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, “is keen to evaluate Bleepa as part of its wider communication strategy”.


What the boss says: Tom Oakley, chief executive 

“With Bleepa’s unique flexibility, we have been able to make great strides in strengthening its proposition; through achieving the CE mark, adding new 3D imaging technology and gaining industry-standard cybersecurity certifications, the product now has a broadened and mature offering. Alongside its cloud-based installation scalability, Bleepa is well placed to build a strong presence in numerous markets internationally.”

“Bleepa has the potential to fundamentally change the way in which clinicians communicate, not only making the lives of those who care for us easier day-to-day but enabling a route to inclusive interaction within, between and spanning an entire medical provider’s network to make patient information more easily accessible. We believe that Bleepa is the future of medical communications.”



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