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Braveheart’s Paraytec updates on Alzheimer’s scanner project


Braveheart Investment Group PLC (LON:BRH) said a project by its subsidiary Paraytec to deploy its ActiPix technology in the field of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) diagnosis is “progressing well”.

The company said prototype instruments are being built to test blood for protein biomarkers, which if successful will be used by clinicians aiming to more accurately diagnose patients and monitor their treatment.

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Braveheart added that pooled plasma samples from AD patients and healthy individuals have been tested in the laboratory and produced good results and that in the next month Vrije University Medical Centre Amsterdam (VUMC), part of the consortium working on the project, will begin testing the system with plasma samples from individual AD patients to assess the pre-clinical performance and correlation with clinical diagnosis.

Meanwhile, the company said the first fully assembled instrument, incorporating Paraytec’s detector technology, has been produced by MS Vision and shipped to the Karolinska Institute in Sweden for testing.

The instrument uses capillary isoelectric focusing (cIEF), together with ActiPix technology, to measure the level of protein biomarkers (abnormal proteoforms) in blood samples, which if present are indicative of the likely rate of mental decline for a given AD patient. The group added that this is important because such information can be used by clinicians in early diagnosis to differentiate AD patients from those with mild cognitive impairment, and also by researchers to help develop better drugs to counter the disease.

Braveheart said the project is due to end in August and discussions are ongoing regarding commercialisation with system manufacturers that are already part of the project team.

Shares in Braveheart were up 4.3% at 47p in late morning trading on Monday.

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