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Apple said to be developing wireless charging version of the iPad Pro


Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) is reportedly developing a new model of its iPad Pro tablet that will feature wireless charging capabilities.

Bloomberg News said the US technology giant, which introduced wireless charging as a feature on its iPhones in 2017 some eight years after the Palm Pre and some four years after many Android smartphones incorporated it, is trying out a glass back to the iPad Pro instead of the customary aluminium enclosure, to enable wireless charging.

Users have already commented that a glass back would likely make the iPad Pro heavier and that this was not a desirable feature for a portable device.

At present, iPads still charge using a USB-C power adaptor.

Bloomberg reports that Apple is also working on reverse wireless charging for the new iPad Pro, essentially enabling other Apple devices to siphon power off the iPad Pro, albeit at a slower rate than conventional charging procedures.

The new iPad Pro is scheduled for release next year, which gives plenty of time for changes to the basic design. Meanwhile, reports suggest Apple is planning to release a thinner version of the 10.2-inch iPad in time for Christmas this year.

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